How do I book my Holiday?
You should book online.

How much deposit is required on booking and is this refundable if I cancel?
The deposit is 20% and is non-refundable (see Booking Terms and Conditions for our cancellation policy.) It is payable at the time of booking.

Will I receive any information after booking?
You will receive a Booking Acknowledgment by email immediately after making your booking.This confirms that we have received your booking. It also summarises the details of your booking and explains the arrival procedure including time of arrival and departure and gives the House Manager’s contact details. It is important that you have this with you when travelling to the property.

How do I pay my balance?
Online – You will receive an email reminder 3 months before your holiday. This email contains a link to a payment page. If you registered for an account when you booked, you can pay your balance on or before the due date by logging into your account. The balance is due 2 months before the start of your holiday.

Can I book a short break?
Unfortunately we don’t offer short breaks. All our holidays are for a whole week and run from Thursday to Thursday.

Can I start my holiday on another day other than a Thursday?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer other start dates.

What if I can’t find the property?
You should contact the relevant House Manager. His contact details will be on your Booking Acknowledgment (see Q3 above).

Can I arrive late for my holiday?
Unfortunately we can only accept arrivals between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. However if you experience an unavoidable delay on the day of your arrival please notify the House Manager immediately. His contact details will be on your Booking Acknowledgement (see Q3 above).

How late can I stay on the day of departure?
Departure time is by 11 a.m. unless there are exceptional circumstances which should be agreed with the House Manager prior to the holiday commencing.

How will I get into the property?
The House Manager will meet and greet you at the property upon your arrival and give you a set of keys.

Can you supply me with a carer?
We don’t supply carers, but by clicking on the Local Nursing & Care link on the selected property on our website you will see a list of organisations which may be able to supply carers for your stay. The list is not exhaustive. The hire of a carer is your responsibility.

How do I get the District Nurse to help me?
We understand that this should be arranged via your own doctor or surgery before your holiday.

Are there instructions for the equipment?
The House Manager will explain and demonstrate all the equipment on your arrival. Please make sure you ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand. He will be more than happy to help.

Is Wifi available and if so what is the access code?
Free Wifi is available at all our properties. The House Manager will give you the access code when you arrive.

Is the property fully equipped?
By clicking on the Facilities link on the selected property on the website you will see a complete inventory of all equipment, materials, and utensils. A PDF of this information can be printed for ease of reference.

Who is responsible for the cleaning?
The properties are thoroughly cleaned before and after your holiday. However, we do ask visitors to leave the house reasonably clean and tidy at the end of their stay to make this process as quick and easy as possible.

Do I need to bring bed linen and towels?
We supply all the bed linen. However, we do not supply towels at the current time.

Are you dog friendly?
Yes we are.

What is included in the price of my holiday?
Water, electricity, gas, linen and wifi as well as everything listed on the Facilities page is included in the price of your holiday. The only thing that is not included is towels which you can either bring with you or hire at the time of booking (see Q17 above).

Do you supply hoist slings?
We do not supply hoist slings. If you need them please bring your own. Our hoists take slings with both loops and hooks.

Who do I contact in an emergency during my stay?
Please contact the House Manager in the first instance if you have an emergency during your stay. His contact details will be on your Booking Acknowledgement (see Q3 above).